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  • The two sides exchanged in-depth viewpoints that relate to seizing the opportunities to be found in the Belt and Road and the Greater Bay Area.
  • Approximately 400 companies will come from home and abroad to participate in the exhibition.
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  • Presently, GH has become one of China's main manufacturing companies of large-scale amusement equipment.
  • Backed by talents and technologies, Welland grows rapidly and exports most of its products to the United States, Europe and other developed countries and regions.
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  • Relevant works will be collected until May 31, 2020, and they will then be reviewed by famous domestic writers, poets, experts and scholars.
  • Japan beat China Taipei by 2-1 in the final and won the championship. The Philippines finished third, and the first-time participant China took the fourth place.
  • Jucheng Primary School joined more than 700,000 fans around the world to challenge the previous world record of more than 650,000 people competing in sport stacking together.
  • More than 400 representatives of Han clothing societies from Zhongshan and surrounding cities as well as Chinese culture lovers attended the event.
  • 'Notre Dame de Paris' by TNT Theatre Britain, a sad melody of beauty and ugliness, good and evil. It is also a portrait of 19th-century French society.
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